Youth Section

Youth Section

The Youth Section is currently led by Dr. Constanza Kaliks. The team is made up of young people aged 20 – 31 from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. All of us are passionate to support young people like ourselves who are actively questioning the role that our generations play in the shaping of reality today and for the future.

Alma Humana

Youth Section house

You are warmly invited to visit and stay in our Youth Section house, where many people from all cultures and backgrounds meet. We are open the whole year round from 8:00 until 21:00. Spending a night is possible on suggested donation base. Our house is located downhill at the Goetheanum, Dorneckstrasse 1 in Dornach with a view on the valley of Solothurn and Basel Land. We have a lovely terrace at the west side of the house, where you will also find the entrance. At the south side we have a backyard where you can be in more quietness.The house has a common living room, kitchen and toilets downstairs. On the first floor we have a 12 bed dormitory and a 4 beds guest room for rent on suggested donation. Furthermore the house accommodates six permanent residents who also use the common kitchen, living room etc.


Masa, Andrea and Ioana talk about an amazing project, where refugees have the possibility to deal with their identity.


(Re)Search is a collaborative, participative project. There are a number of ways to get involved in this process. Below we suggest a few. If you can think of other ways in which you would like to take up the project and its questions, contact us and we will be happy to help you in the development of your initiative.

Tell us your story in an interview
Our research team is interviewing people aged 16-35 coming from all over the world. Interviews are designed as open encounters that last around two hours and are in essence relaxed conversations where you can narrate what is important to you: your questions, desires, plans, your key interests (work, family, occupation, studies, etc.), in whichever order you establish. It is you, the interviewee, who brings forward that which is vital to you – it is up to you to define our time together.

During interviews, participants and researchers alike work with the project’s frame question:

What would the world look like in 2030 if what lives within you becomes a reality, and what will you do to make it happen?

Summer School

The (Re)Search Summer School is a week-long experience for young researchers to share in the awe-inspiring task of setting ourselves afoot in the path of knowledge. Through theory and practice, individual and collective work, we will seek those questions that can get us started in a journey of discovery, where learning in wonder gives way to questions of morality in research. The all-encompassing theme of the pilot summer school will thus be, “Research as Participation in the Process of Knowledge”.

Who is it for?
The school is open for young people of all backgrounds, regardless of previous academic experience. It is recommended for the curious, interested spirit who seeks answers to their questions and want to find approaches that will lead them to unveil new mysteries as they emerge in their research.

(Re)Search is a project that can live in and out of academic contexts because investigating is a central aspect of all human life, regardless of the tasks that we chose to engage with. This is the reason why the school is an experience also recommended for those who intuitively seek to nourish and enliven the work they are already doing. Whether you are a student, soon to start in university, or already engaged in professional life, the school will offer ways to apply research approaches to your own life in all its uniqueness and complexities.


Johannes talks about the “Faust” project, where he has interesting ideas about how the breaks between the acts can be arranged.


The Youth Section Worldwide is a vibrant network of youngster all over the world, active in 21 countries, five continents and consisting of over 60 representatives. We work together in different constellations and shapes and meet each other on an annual and bi-annual base. Our next worldwide co-workers gathering will take place in Great Britain between April 28 and May 2 in 2021.
In this video, Till and Johannes talk about the Youth Section and the three main moments when the YS focus on different projects.


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